Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Gatal Tangan Kanan

22/03/11 Selasa

Alhamdulillah i praise to Allah
Today i get my 1st commission from as EtiQa Takaful Consultant.amin~ 
Not really so much but smbil2 bekerja jumpa orang ramai i still can earned some extra money.
at least supporting my life in KL buy this buy that + saving & holiday! 
yippie yeay! 
sy sgt suka..

Today, i went to Zazen Spa in Damansara Jaya.
Act i was invited by Datin Nora to feel d experience since last week but due to my busy & very tights schedule poyones.. so i manage to join her today. 
The spa is act for those yg nak buang2 lemak di badan, maintain body figure yg cun & its different from other spa. 
when i was there 1st thing i need to do is to measure my weight~~ 
Gulp!! 57.3kg? giler berat..hahahahaa.. xpercaya?? sat2 i upload gambar.

B4 & after result
Skrg anda percaya?
it was great2 experience..
Imagine!! while u rest it will burn 600 to 900 calories in half-hour sessions.
i lost 1/2 kg in half-hour...happy!! turn upside down...
jogging pun x dpt byk tu tau! only 300 calories je...
kalau selalu buat sure tinggal tulang..hehehee
oh tidak act this thing byk gunanya it can 
tone up ur muscle, 
increase energy, 
dissolves toxin storing fat through perspiration (peluh), 
reduces celulite & maintain ur metabolisme 

kotak ajaib
the room temp & minutes
just nice for 1st time user..

After that we went to Tropicana Mall & had some coffea at Starbuck together with Kak wilma.  
FIY,Kak wilma just lost her beloved husband Maher Effendi few months ago from a heart attack at d age of 37 and left 5 kids age 9 to 1+ years old. 
Ya Allah! I admire how she faced the situation. Strong. 

May he rest in peace. Al Fatihah

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

MaKaN, खाना, EaT, 吃,

Pic makan lagi...apa nak buat saya mmg suka makan dan punya rakan2 juga yg suka makan..

Hot SoBa 2nd time makan @ Food Republic
Taste ok sedap..ngam dgn tekak super yummy

tips : pastikan order yg hot not cold
Pic food lain x sempat nak snap. 
dah kena ngap oleh mereka2 yg kelaparan. sigh~~
Perut dah kenyang. Kami meneruskan xtvt malam kami dgn melalak di KoTaK MeRaH.
Oh tekak sgt sakit kerana kebanyakkan lagu dinyanyikan oleh saya dan rakan saya Mayumi manakala Hanny asyik sibuk berposing bergambar sorang2. 
Dan kami akhiri xtvt mlm itu tepat jam 3 pagi dgn gembiranya. 


Saturday, 26 March 2011

2nd entry of the week back with my 2nd entry of the week

Ok peeps im gonna starts with Movie Day Out vvith my buddy aka Mr ..
(location terpaksa dirahsiakan diatas sbb2 keselamatan & privacy hehehehee...)

Its Battle Los Angeles & Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa

both movie story line ok best ..
im gonna start with Battle of Los Angelos 

Sat 19/03/11

Makan2 sessions with bestie Ms Mayumi & Ms Nisa at 

William Fatty Crab Sri Kembangan. 

-Butter Prawn-
Sweet Potato..dunno wats a recipe name but SEYES SEDAP!!

Barramundi Steam aka Siakap Masak Stim
gt la tidak sedap i masak lagi sedap kot??
-Asparagus with abalon-

Honestly the food just ok & so so je..

 i give 3/5

Selamat Menjamu Mata!


The End

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Hello Fellow! ;-)


welcome to my blog..jemput2 sila2 buat mcm rumah sendiri..act its unofficial grande a newbie like a baby ;-P
oh my dear im supposed to start blogging few months ago 
influenced by Natasya Syafiq & Hanis Zalikha anak dara Nani Rostam
bcoz of "mim alif lam sim" illness inside my body...
it become tertunda2..huhu hehe..but people always say..!
better late than never rite??? 
ok my journey begin now

till now...

with luv 
aien J'

Ohcaption x semengah di Pantai Morib kala senja